We offer corporate protection security details for businesses, security driving services for business or leisure, executives, doctors, celebrities, and more. From protection while traveling out of town to event attendance, our services extend way beyond a typical security guard. Our four wheel drive luxury sport utility vehicles offer all season safety and comfort. Coming summer 2021 we will be offering a premium security package that will include an up armored luxury sport utility vehicle. This will offer the ultimate safety and security for any traveler.

When traveling, our highly trained and certified agents ensure the route to and from your destination is completely safe. Pre-travel route clearance is conducted, and we continually check for any travel emergencies that may require us to alter our route. This will ensure safety and security for all involved.

For corporate and special events, such as parties, our agents may be in attendance in an undercover or overt classification. All of our agents will come to these events in professional attire with all weapon systems concealed. We maintain a discreet private communication system only heard by the agents involved.

Our security agents are former law enforcement/military professionals who are highly trained and experienced operators. All served in elite units within their branch of service. Our agents are licensed and certified as security professionals, including Adult & Child CPR and AED. Do you need a certified EMT/Paramedic? We offer this service as well. We also offer armed, discrete client asset protection and delivery. This service includes financial instruments, jewelry, high end fashion and other asset valuables. Some weight and size restrictions may apply.

VIP Corporate Protection for All Business Types.

  • Celebrity Protection
  • Corporate and Business Events
  • Business Travel Security
  • Custom Protection Services

  • Undercover or Overt
  • Casual, Business, and Formal
  • Asset Protection
  • High Value Asset Delivery

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Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, founder of Killology Research Group said, ”Jeff you will take sheep up the path to become sheepdogs, the world needs what you have to give.” January 2015.

“I am able to make great use of my travel time, get work done on my laptop or cell phone, all while in a safe and secure vehicle. When I use Personal Security Solutions, I feel like I have my own personal Secret Service Detail. GREAT JOB.”

“I have been using Mr. Aster’s security driver / protective service since 2019. His professionalism and services is top notch. I couldn’t be more satisfied and highly recommend him.”

“I found the training very beneficial, as both an employer and an administrator. I received very positive comments and concerns about workplace safety. I was very pleased with the entire program, and highly recommend it to others.”

“Jeff Aster provides excellent security service for myself and my family. He was always extremely professional and courteous. Every detail of his service he conducted with extreme care and attentiveness. He would stop traffic to allow my 5 year old daughter to cross the street and trained me to use my firearm. When Jeff traveled with my family I knew we were in the safest hands. I would recommend him to anyone.”

“The program was an eye opener, it was very informative and matter of fact, and provided the cold hard facts on what can happen, and how to prepare. I would recommend this program to all county government offices, and all facilities that employee staff and faculty.”


Personal and Corporate Protection Details.
High Value Armed Asset Travel and Protection Service.
Armed Security for Corporate and Private Social Events.
Cyber Security and Threat Analysis.