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Jeff has a distinguished career in law enforcement and military experience domestic and abroad, spanning over four decades of pedigreed training and discipline. Personal Security Solutions is the culmination of this lifelong experience and governmental relationships.

Training, experience, and real-world lessons learned over his career that spans over 45 years of combined military and law enforcement is his way to educate, and help save lives. Contact Jeff to discuss your personal protective services needs or active shooter education.



  • Detective for the Carbon County District Attorney

  • Criminal Agent for Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General

  • Federal Contractor for US Department of State

  • Philadelphia Police Academy Graduate

  • PA Top Gun Faculty Squad Leader

  • Contractor for US Department of Defense


Jeffrey P. Aster graduated the Philadelphia Police Academy in 1981. His credentials were so impressive, including taking Criminal Justice classes, working two internships, he was hired prior to his graduation as a patrol officer in Bucks County and was innately involved with criminal investigations. During this time he served in the US Army Reserves in the Combat Arms MOS.

In 1990, the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General appointed him as a Field Agent in the Narcotics Bureau, initiating and conducting undercover drug investigations.


In 1992, the Attorney General’s Office (OAG) chose Jeff to be a liaison, instructor, and squad leader for the elite school PA Top Gun, an intense 60 plus hour in depth drug investigation school that was adopted from New Jersey and made available to PA Law Enforcement officers. During his tenure at Top Gun he guided and taught staff as well as over 1,600 officers. These included officers in undercover operations, ethical use of confidential sources, and tactical entry techniques and procedures.

Jeff maintained his assignment to the Organized Crime and Narcotics Unit and the Special Operations Group (SOG) which served as the tactical team of the Attorney General’s Office.

Top Gun Faculty Experience

He then contracted with the United States Department of State and Department of Defense and deployed to Afghanistan where he served as an adviser to various military units of the coalition forces and mentored Afghan security forces for two years. Between deployments he continued to teach tactical techniques and active shooter training to Law Enforcement at Fort Indiantown Gap.


Jeff began researching active shooter in 2011 during his deployments in Afghanistan, the similarity between active shooter and the infamous green on blue attacks on our forces and loyal Afghan Police and Soldiers. This was the beginning for what has continually evolved into his flagship presentation Staff Response To An Active Armed Assailant. When he created that presentation, it was reviewed by Lt. David Grossman, who endorsed the course openly. Presentation is copyrighted.

Personal Security Solutions Experience


Jeff attended the US DOS WWPS Dignitary Protection School in North Carolina.


Jeff was contacted by the District Attorney in Carbon County to come out of retirement and put his business on hold. Jeff was asked to create a new unit within the District Attorney office to investigate narcotics and weapons violations, and thus he created the special investigations unit, as well as acting as a liaison with the local police departments and other organizations that would be involved.


Personal Security Solutions

Top Notch


“I have been using Mr. Aster’s security driver / protective service since 2019. His professionalism and services are top notch. I couldn’t be more satisfied and highly recommend him.”

Personal Security Solutions

Great Job


“I am able to make great use of my travel time, get work done on my laptop or cell phone, all while in a safe and secure vehicle. When I use Personal Security Solutions, I feel like I have my own personal Secret Service Detail. GREAT JOB”

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Personal Security Solutions

Highly Recommend


“I found the training very beneficial, as both an employer and an administrator. I received very positive comments and concerns about workplace safety. I was very pleased with the entire program, and highly recommend it to others.”

Personal Security Solutions

Excellent Security Service


“Jeff Aster provides excellent security service for myself and my family. He was always extremely professional and courteous. Every detail of his service he conducted with extreme care and attentiveness. He would stop traffic to allow my 5 year old daughter to cross the street and trained me to use my firearm. When Jeff traveled with my family I knew we were in the safest hands. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Personal Security Solutions

An Eye Opener


“The program was an eye opener, it was very informative and matter of fact, and provided the cold hard facts on what can happen, and how to prepare. I would recommend this program to all county government offices, and all facilities that employee staff and faculty.”

Personal Security Solutions

The world needs what you have to give


“Jeff you will take sheep up the path to become sheepdogs, the world needs what you have to give.”


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